American Business and Manufacturing

The basic tenet of our economy is manufacturing.  Some say the tech sector, but this wouldn’t be anything without the underlying productivity of the manufacturing sector.  This time around I’d like to get a shout out to some of the hard working folk around the country that make all this possible.   There is such a variety of different companies that work as cogs in the overall economic machine that it’s hard to put into perspective.  Perhaps here’s an example:

If you run a factory which produces toy racecars for christmas, you may need the following: Custom packaging companies to package the toys, lamination service that seals the packages, strapping to tie down your pallets, vendors for metals and alloys, delivery services for logistics, plant managers and maintenance experts for the factory, assembly line workers, not to mention the white collar accountants, salesman, payroll managers, marketers, etc.

So this goes out to all those people that never get any fame but deserve all the credit.  Without you the wheels would just fall off this big thing we call a country.



American Manufacturing, 2nd Amendment Rights

The importance of American Manufacturing cannot be understated when it comes to the economy, and the 2nd amendment right to bear arms cannot be understated when it comes to American freedom.  At this blog we like to have our priorities straight, unlike some of the pundits and general public, who seem to think that other things take priority.  Can anyone tell me why people are more concerned with polar bears than American jobs?  With kardashians and celebrities than our basic consitutional rights?

It’s kind of ridiculous.  I just wanted to vent a little bit.


America the Beautiful

We started this site to celebrate America in all its beauty.  Manufacturing and Firearms have been part of America since the beginning, and we wanted to plant our flag in the online ground and say we are proud to be Americans, we are proud of the second Amendment, and we will not be dismissed!